Brave Tricia Saves Little Nancy from the Harmful and Poisonous Bite of A Rattle Snake

by Craig Wanner
(Austin, Texas)

Our Brave Tricia

Our Brave Tricia

It was one happy summer afternoon and my wife and kids were basking out in the sun by the swimming pool. The ambiance and mood was mellow and everyone seemed to be enjoying their summer holiday to the fullest. I was still on my paternal leave, which was about to end in four days. Little Nancy, our newborn girl was just three weeks old and she had changed our lives significantly. No one would leave her side.

But sadly, on this day, everyone was engaged in other activities. I was busy on the barbecue trying to make something delicious for the family. After breastfeeding, my wife placed Nancy on a gently rocking baby basket under a shade on the lawn, next to a flower garden. Young Joe – my first-born son – was left in charge of the baby as my wife and nanny got busy playing and swimming with my other two daughters.

Playful Joe got distracted just like any other kid would do, and he went playing across the yard. While they were busy playing fetch, a rattlesnake must have crept close to Nancy’s cot without our knowledge. Fortunately, our brave Tricia - a Persian crossbreed - was lying close by the pool and she was able to spot the snake before we could.

Tricia quickly sprung into action and engaged the snake in a vicious fight. Her strong hissing sounds drew our attention and that is when we realized that Nancy was in danger because the snake had already started climbing up the pole that held the swinging basket cot weaved from strong reed and lined with soft fabrics. The cat’s vicious fight drew the serpent away from the cot, and my wife and nanny got a chance to whisk Nancy away from the deadly fangs of the rattlesnake that had now begun shaking its tail.

I quickly grabbed the pool cleaning telescopic pole and hit the snake from behind. My first strike missed its head by a few inches, but it got a serious hit that silenced its rattling tail. My second hit was quite precise and it landed right in the middle of its head and rendered it totally incapacitated.

Tricia’s bravery and prompt response had saved our daughter. I swore to always keep a cat and dog by my side, as you never know when your pet could save your life or that of your loved ones.

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Wow!!! Life saver!
by: Anonymous

Tricia is an amazing family member! You and Nancy are so lucky to have her by her side!

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