Cat Owners Survey

Take part in our Cat Owners Survey, helping us to build a unique statistic regarding the most interesting and practical questions that are asked to cat owners in real life.

Each form is asking one question. You can answer all 17, or you can skip the ones you are not interested in. 

You can see the Google statistic chart for each question. To see it, you need to answer the survey question, send it, and then click the "See previous answers" link. The Cat Owners Survey is completely anonymous with no intent to gather data from participants.

This is an example of how the Google statistic chart looks like. Every survey question`s statistic can be visualised this way. Note: this example not necessarily reflects the actual statistical state.

Thank you for your participation.

Let's start the Survey...

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End of Survey

We are open for new great suggestions. If you have a survey question and respective answers/options that you would like to add to our Cat Owners Survey, please Contact Us. We`ll be glad to upsize the survey!

Interested in more surveys? How about the National Pet Health SurveyThis one will provide concerned cat owners, and the general public with one of the largest health and disease databases for cats (and dogs) across the United States. The data will be summarized and integrated into US Environmental Protection Agency’s website ( Through EnviroAtlas, the public will be able to display pet health information by specified areas, such as zip codes or states, in order to learn about emerging pet health issues.

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