Your Cat Stories

You probably saw many, many cat stories on internet, or local newspaper. By reading them, didn`t you feel a tiny desire to tell the world your own story, your own experience with your cat, perhaps an emotionally charged adventure, a funny episode, or an important event with your cat in the main role?

Do You Have a Great Cat Story? Do Tell!

I would love to hear about your greatest experiences, your most interesting information on cats, your top cat tips... anything great about your cat that you'd love to share.

If you are a cat owner and adore cats as much as I do, please share your cat stories with us! It's easy to do, and...  the story will be commented and rated here, and the link to the page will be shared on my facebook page!

Share your Cat Story

Share your Cat Story

I can't wait to read your cat story. Thank you in advance for sharing.

Your Cat Stories

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One of the cat stories submitted by Jeff Breeden:

The Strange Cat and Mouse Story

The fact that a rat and a cat can coexist in the same house as pets seems a farfetched idea, that is less likely to occur. Actually, this is the dilemma that I faced when my wife wanted to adopt a cat from the local animal sanctuary, yet my son had hitey’ the white rat that we’d gotten for him during his 7th birthday. Cats are natural enemies of rats, and they can’t see eye to eye.

My wife was quick to object when I said that her idea was not feasible. In fact, she told me that she wanted our son to learn something about nature. I was keen to understand where this was going and I asked her to elaborate. She told me stories of how wild animals had adopted the young ones of their prey with compassion and care. She told me that there was no way to teach a child about the nature of love, if the child can’t understand that even sworn enemies in nature can be friends. This quickly sunk in because Tim – our son – had been undergoing bullying at school and he heavily resented his peers who bullied him directly as well as those that laughed at him.

We had booked counseling sessions for him, but they all seemed to have little impact on his feelings towards his peers. Unknown to me, my wife had learned about this from a therapist, who had informed her that this would be a way to give animal therapy a twist, because he already had whitey. Fortunately, I learned from the local veterinary shop that cats can coexist with rats, but this should begin when the cats are young, and probably at their kitten stage. 

As such, we went out with my wife to find a kitten that had just been weaned for our next animal therapy-cum-petting experiment. Luckily, we found one from a neighborhood friend, four blocks away from our home. The local vet shop made the connection and the owner accepted to sell one of his four kittens. We started by keeping the two pets apart, but we allowed them to share some play time in the play-pen installed on our porch. 

Interestingly, the two shared a harmonious and cordial relation that became more and more playful each day. It’s been 3 years now and the cat – Mickey – has become a fully grown cat with kittens that now still play with Tim’s Whitey.

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