How good are you in recognizing different Cat Breeds - Quiz

You`ll find scoring information and info about different cat breeds underneath this Quiz. Have fun!

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Let`s Start With Different Cat Breeds Quiz...


28 points


Cat Breeds Genius!

Bravo! You know everything there is to know about various cat breeds!

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Cat Breeds Expert!

You know a lot about different cat breeds. Great!

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Cat Breeds Super Fan!

You recognise some cat breeds, but you`re not a Cat Breeds Expert yet.

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Cat Breeds Fan!

You like cats, but you can remarkably improve your knowledge about different cat breeds!

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Have you ever seen any cat breed before? Take a look at the pictures below and improve your knowledge about different cat breeds.

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Different Cat Breeds

Abyssinian catThe Abyssinian cat is a joy to have in your home. They’re affectionate, easy to care for and they love people.  See more
Bengal catThe Bengal cat is large and very muscular, a real athlete among cats. It looks like he belongs to the jungle, nevertheless he has a sweet personality, is a loyal friend and closely attached to his human family.  See more
Burmese catThe Burmese cat may not get along easily with other cats, but he loves being adored by his parents.  See more
Exotic CatThe Exotic Cat, friendly with anyone, is an exciting and funny cat. With its large, round and brilliant coloured eyes is able to return given love many times over.  See more
Norwegian Forest catThe Norwegian Forest cat is large, strong and muscular, but also a gentle and a friendly cat who appreciates the praise of parents.  See more
Ragdoll catThe Ragdoll cat loves people. Despite its semi-long/long, soft and silky coat can be an ideal pet for an apartment.  See more
Scottish Fold catThe Scottish Fold cat is very charming with his small and tightly folded ears and large and wide open eyes.  See more
Sphynx catThe Sphynx cat is an entertainer and loves to delight his humans. Friendly and loving, grabs attention with his hairless coat and wrinkled skin.  See more
American Shorthair catThe American Shorthair cat is a loving cat, adaptable, and attached to the family. He retained his hunting ability, but nowadays, rather than a hunter, he is more a pleasant family companion.  See more
British Shorthair CatThe British Shorthair Cat is an affectionate, easy going and gentle cat. He is a loyal companion for single people.  See more
Devon Rex CatThe Devon Rex Cat, with fur so fragile that must never be brushed, loves to delight his parent with playful performances.  See more
Maine CoonMaine Coon cat has a powerful muscular body, is sweet tempered, and adaptable to any environment.  See more
Persian catThe Persian cat is known to enjoy sunbaths, with only occasional bursts of energy, so attention must be paid to weight management.  See more
Russian Blue CatThe Russian Blue Cat is gentle and loving, with an elegant, graceful body and long, slim legs. Many think that it is a perfect cat to add to your family.  See more
Siamese catThe Siamese cat is a medium sized breed with a long body. A very affectionate cat which requires dedication from his owner.  See more

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