I Met My True Love, My Cat, When I Was Mourning My First Love

by Scott Neel
(Mission Bay, San Francisco)

Amber, my true Love

Amber, my true Love

The saying goes that your darkest moment comes slightly before your brightest one, and I fully agree. I mean, I actually found love when I was crying over a lost love and I am better, and happier, for it.

Here is the full story…..

My name is Scott, 22 years old, college student and resident of Mission Bay, San Francisco. Like many other young men, I was elated to finally join college where (I thought) life would be fun and free, away from my strict parent’s glare. The institution is located some miles from our home area, and I hoped that I would finally get a chance to have my own house, and most importantly, a girlfriend. Oh, how wrong I was...

In my freshman year, I met and fell in love with Fiona, a classmate. Life was great for us in the first year, discovering new things about college, life in general and ourselves. But in our sophomore year, things started going haywire for us. The daily FaceTime calls turned into weekly events and eventually, only took place occasionally. So, when Fiona finally took the decision to end our relationship, I was not really surprised but it still hurt. For several weeks, I was an angry, sad and lonely mess, spending all my time in my room, listening to sad songs and watching movies.

One day, on a windy Wednesday morning, I went outside to get rid of some trash. Just before I emptied the dustbin, I saw a small, ginger cat, looking as lonely as I was and shivering in the outside cold. I immediately took her into my arms and brought her into the house. I had no cat food, but I had some milk and cereal. I warmed the milk and mixed it with the cereal and the little kitty heartily devoured it all. Watching her eat brought a smile to my mouth as it reminded me of how my sister, Amber, used to eat when she was young. I thus decided to name the little kitty Amber.

The first few days I spent with Amber, I was expecting someone to pop up on my door, looking for their lost cat but no one did. I figured she was most likely abandoned by some heartless person, just like I was. But as the days went by, our bond grew stronger and in the cold nights, we found warmth in each other. She made me forget about my prior heartbreak and found a reason to love and live again.

Next month will mark a year since I met, or rather, found Amber and consequently, much-needed happiness!

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Have similar story
by: Sue R.

I fully understand you, it happened to me, too, more or less the same thing. I loved to read your story.

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