Kitty Razielle Comes Home

by Sophia
(Cochran, Georgia, USA)

Held by tech who didn't want to be seen.

Held by tech who didn't want to be seen.

Well, I hadn't been planning on getting another cat. But I'd taken Chester to the vet for something, and they mentioned they had a 12-week kitten somebody had dumped on. One of the vet techs called her "the flying squirrel." Hmm. Four weeks and no home. I think folks thought she was boring-looking. Poor baby. But if you looked at her closely she wasn't just a mackerel tabby. Part of her was spotted! Of course, I really wanted to take her home.

"But," said I, "I have to go home tonight and pray about it."

"Pray about it?" the receptionist asked.

"Gotta see if the Big Guy upstairs approves."

"God always approves of getting another cat!" The receptionist was very sure about this.

But I said as how I had to check-in and make sure.

So that night I did some praying and some old-fashioned scripture cracking. That led me to think about angels. Then that led me to look up names of angels on the internet. I came across Raziel who is an archangel of mysteries and spiritual mysteries.

Huh, I mused. That would be a good name because no one knows anything about her. But it was masculine, not feminine. No problem. The feminine of Gabriel and Michael are Gabrielle and Michelle. So Raziel became Razielle. The vet helped with the cost of shots, testing, and spaying. They also have a policy of not spaying or neutering before 6 months, but they went ahead and did everything before I picked her up.

So that's the miraculous origin of Kitty Razielle.

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Awesome story!
by: Susan Chadwick

Awesome story! I like it very much!

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