Love doesn’t ask why

by Jim B.
(Laredo, Texas)

My Lucy - is she lost?

My Lucy - is she lost?

Cats aren’t known to show their affection openly. In fact, most people consider cats to be snobs. However, this is not the case with my cat, Lucy. Ever since Uncle Danny brought her to our home, Lucy has been a blessing to the family. She likes kneading the kids with her claws and purring uncontrollably when she’s supposedly happy. As if that’s not enough, Lucy like grooming me every morning just before I go to work. I know it sounds funny, but she does it better than experienced make-up artists.

Lately, I have come to realize that Lucy has developed a rather weird behavior. Well, whenever, I turn on the television to watch the news, she runs to her favorite spot near the TV stand and she starts following the program as if she understands everything that is going on. Notably, she has been acting this way for the past two weeks, during prime-time news.

After doing my homework, I found out that Lucy is in love, but not with the kids, or me, but with a news anchor of a very popular TV channel. Apparently, whenever this particular news anchor comes on air, Lucy would purr uncontrollably and wave her tail in a snake-like motion, for the entire period. The news anchor’s husky voice would drive Lucy crazy just like an 18-year old teenager in love. He was simply the man of her dreams. We wouldn’t even dare change the channel lest we face the wrath of Lucy’s rage.

Moreover, Lucy would run around the telly trying to save her long-lost love from captivity. She would try to scratch the screen or even bite the cables without much success. As a safety precaution, I’ve had to insulate the cables with plastic coverings to prevent any risk of injury or electric shock to my feline cutie.

Back to the story, whoever came up with the assumption that cats are snobs was totally wrong. From Lucy’s strange behavior, it is easy to tell that cats are extremely affectionate. It all depends on how you treat your feline friend. My vet says there’s nothing wrong with her. Apparently, cats show affection in a variety of ways and it seems Lucy obsession for the news anchor has gotten the better of her feelings. The vet encouraged us to be more receptive to Lucy’s feelings or else we shall lose her to the world of showbiz.

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Love it
by: Kathryn

Love this story!!! Would like to have a cat like Lucy. It must be very funny in the evening hours in your home.

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