My Cousin and His Cat Have Spent 10 Years Together

by Brian S.
(Cleburne, Alabama)

Drew` s princess Dawn

Drew` s princess Dawn

The other day, my cousin graduated from high school and he brought out his cat, Dawn, to his graduation party which took place at an out of town restaurant. And to clarify, he did not just bring his cat along, but made her the second center of attraction, after himself, of course. So, when I got a private moment with him later on at the night party, I asked him to let me in on his, nay - their story.

Apparently, my cousin Drew met his cat, who he refers to as the love of his life, when he was just 9 years old, (he's 19 now) while the cat was just a few months old. The kitty was a gift from his mom for a marked improvement in his end year grades. From the first day they met, something clicked between them and the light on their relationship has never deemed for a second, ten years later.

At 9 years, Drew was the stereotypical boy, always trying new things and always getting into trouble for it. His Dawn was always beside him, sometimes even participating in his antics. When he got a bit older, Drew stopped eating at the family dining room and would instead bring the food to his room, where he would share with his princess Dawn. At first, his mother took offense but with time, she realized that the cat was Drew's best friend and a real source of happiness. She decided to let them be. As a matter of fact, she had grown fond of the fuzzy feline herself and often gave her some food and played with her when Drew was at school.

When Drew got into high school, his priorities changed. In between his freshman year's schoolwork, he got romantically involved with a girl and he somewhat forgot to hang out and play with his pet kitty, as he would in his younger days. Yet, when the relationship ended, Dawn (and his loving mother) was there for him, to cuddle, and comfort him. By the time he was finishing high school, he had gone through 3 girlfriends and even if he sometimes forgot about Dawn, she was always there for him in both the good and bad times and for that, he fell even deeper in love with her. They're so tight that their sleep patterns are synchronized, with the cat waking up just moments before him every morning.

As he plans to move out of his parents’ house, Drew's first priority is getting an apartment that allows pets and where his big catty can be safe and comfortable.

To be honest, I'm jealous of cousin Drew and I know that deep down, you are too!

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Sweet story
by: Ann B.

I like this story, it` s full of love.

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