My Greyson`s Personality

by Linda C.
(Princeton, Wisconsin)



My Bengal, we named him Greyson, is very sweet and loving. Now he has 5 months and was always a curious and alert cat. He is very athletic - we must provide him enough space, so he can run and exercise freely.

He is very vocal with a distinctive voice, kind of strange gravelly sound. He likes to climb (a tall cat tree is a must for Bengals) and simulate hunting and is always alert - nothing escapes his notice...

If he get bored than we have some problems with him - he becomes slightly destructive. These are the moments when our three aquarium fishes are at serious risk. Now he is still young, and I hope he will get used to them as soon as possible to such degree that he won't fish them all.

We love our Greyson so much, he is our love.

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