My lovely Balboa - a smart mouse killer

by Madeleine C.
( Lewistown, Missouri, US)



My Balboa is a 3 years old boy and a very, very smart one. He quickly learned some cool tricks to catch a mouse. No rodent is safe from him. He learned to hunt in a real special way... He uses his shadow to distract the mouse, the rat and even squirrels... Sorry for the mouse, rat and squirrels, but watching him hunting this way is such a fun!

Beside this "cruel" part of his nature, he is very sweet and gentle. He loves very much each member of our family, especially my son. We don`t have other pets, but I heard that Maine Coons are also very pet friendly. Knowing Balboa so well I believe he would love any new pet we might have in the future.

If we accidentally close the door leaving him outside, he will patiently wait for us to realize that he is missing from the living room (even though he likes to be near us every minute).

He is very patient, smart and gentle, this is how I would describe the personality of the Main Coon of my heart.

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by: Amber T.

Wow, it must be a pleasure watching him hunting!

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