My Pepsi is an easy going and placid cat

by Beth S.Y.
(Albuquerque, New Mexico)



My Pepsi is an easy going and placid cat. She is attached to all members of my family. When she`s in the mood to play, she brings her toy (a mouse) to us, and then we play with her for 10-15 minutes. This is enough for her. Very often she also plays well by herself.

She is a bad hunter, and when outside, little wild rodents could step on her paws, nothing would happen with her cat instinct.

She is very sociable also with strangers, and doesn`t hide when visitors arrive at our home.

The only thing I miss with her is that she doesn't like to be held in our hands, and especially not carried aroud. I would like her to nap on my chest while I watch TV, but she prefers to go on her private chair.

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