Old Habits Die Hard

by Bruce C.
(Carbondale, Pennsylvania)



I have never been a fan of cats, but all that changed when I met Felix. One day as I was trimming the lawn in my backyard, I noticed a strange sound coming from a nearby thicket. I moved closer to get a clearer view of what was happening, only to find that a feral cat had just given birth to a litter of beautiful kittens. Like any other stray cat, she was not kind enough to let me handle or even touch her or her offspring. So, I let it pass and continued working on my lawn as if nothing had happened. After all, I did not have an affinity for feline pets.

Two weeks passed by, and the little kittens began to explore the world under the watchful eyes of their mother. They were so beautiful to look at though they seemed malnourished. I had to do something to help the little kittens. However, having heard several stories about feral cats, I knew trying to tame a group of stray cats would be a tall order. Anyway, every evening I would place some cat food at my doorstep for their mother, hoping that it would aid her lactate better.

After a while, all the kittens were all grown up and it was now time to leave their humble abode in my backyard. However, one black kitten remained behind. With no siblings to play with, or mother to run to, the little kitten was left with no option but to befriend me. Well, feral cats are not known to like humans, but this cat was different. After much deliberation, I let him in and immediately christened him the name Felix, after one of my favorite cartoon characters.

Felix was friendly, charming and cuddly. Unlike most stray cats, he was also respectful and well mannered. He never scattered items, neither did he poop in the house. Amazingly, I didn’t even have to train him. Within a few days, I had developed a strong affinity for him. Being an introvert, I now have someone I could talk to and share my ups and downs. The companionship Felix was offering was priceless. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel cats are the best pets to ever grace our homes.

One day, Felix left the house to play outside as he usually does. Sadly, he did not return that night. Hours of waiting turned into days, and days turned into weeks, with no sign of him coming back. I guess whoever said old habits die hard was probably right. Born of a feral cat, Felix returned to the wild where his roots belonged!

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It happened the same to me
by: Joel

I understand you completely, the same happened to me. It is amusing how an cat anti-fan suddenly becomes emotionally involved with cats. I just find it strange that your Felix suddenly left you. I hope he is well now, and feel sorry for you. I know what does it mean to lose a beloved cat.

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