Sam has used 2 of his nine lives so far

by Kelly
(Bothell, WA)

Our friend forever!

Our friend forever!

This is a long story and is going to sound kind of like "mystical hippy" has written it but we've have a feline friend visit us twice so far and has had a different body each time.

The first time Kemosabe appeared outside the door of my patio of the apartment I was living in when my home was in Los Angeles. He just came in and made himself at home. I fed him, cuddled him, and let him have the run of the place. I'd let him outside when he wanted to go out since I knew that's where he started his life so was comfortable out there. Sometimes he wouldn't come home for a day or two but I didn't worry since he always came back to rest in my lap.

When I moved back home to the Seattle area to get married, I took him with me. I was worried because cats are notoriously not crazy about being in cars. When we started the trip he begged to be let out of the carrier I had him in so I let him out. He slept in my lap the whole way there. He settled into our new home just like he'd lived there forever. His habits and routines were very distinct and he was fun to have around. His meow was low and full sounding. He liked to sit or lay down at the back door when it was open and just feel the cool breeze on his face. (Yes, our heat bills went up in the winter and we had to swat the bugs that came in during the spring, but we were slaves to his wishes ;-) He slept on our laps and drooled for hours.

After a while it was clear that his body wasn't going to last him much longer and we knew we had to let him go. We had a neighbor that was a veterinarian who would let us bring him next door to cuddle him as she helped him leave his body. The night before we spent time with him so we could say our good buys as a family. We let him out one last time. He never returned. Our hearts were broken but we knew he left his body on his own terms.

A few months later we met Sam. He and his brother were rescued by an employee of a pet store we bought cat food at for another cat we had, from someone giving away kittens that he had in a box on a street corner. These two kittens were behind the counter when we went up to pay for what we were buying. We fell in love! After we proved ourselves as responsible cat parents we were allowed to take them both home. Sam and Cookie Dough settled in like this is where they belonged. Sam's habits and routines were exactly like Kemosabe's! His meow was low and full sounding. He loved to sit or lay down by our back door breathing in the fresh air, and he slept on our laps for hours drooling. Our other two cats were very different. We knew Kemo had come back.:)

Sam went off for days but he always came back to sleep and drool for a while before he went out. One day he came home after a fight with a racoon so we slept together on the floor for a few days until he was back to almost normal. We knew he wasn't long for this life though and one day he said his good-bys and didn't come back.

What's interesting is his brother started sleeping and drooling on our laps and started meowing with the distinctive low and full sound just like Sam and Kemosabe, and is starting to love just sitting in front of an open door to feel the cool breeze. We aren't sure but we think this cat is just sticking around until the next perfect body to join us for his third life.

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Sounds mystical...
by: Sam

Sounds mystical, and very interesting. Nice reading before going to sleep. Thank you for sharing.

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