Sweetheart Folds

We specialize in breeding British Short-hair and Scottish Fold Silver Classic Tabbies. Our cats are registered with the Traditional Cat Association (TCA).

We are a family filled with cat-loving breeders and we have a very high international hygienic standard.

All of our kittens are vaccinated, clean, disease-free, pedigree, family and kid-friendly (they are also fine with singles or couples), healthy, and adorable. Our queens have both won a show just recently (the 2019 Annual TCA Cat Show).

We will only sell our kittens to responsible, cat-adoring people to make sure that our kittens lead healthy and happy lives in a loving forever home.

All of our queens and kittens are purrfect pets and complete sweethearts!

Website: sweetheart-folds.wixsite.com/home

Email: Sweetheartfoldscattery@gmail.com

From: Kuwait City, Kuwait

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